Supercharge your merchandise-planning organization

Move beyond spreadsheets and legacy tools


Advanced Forecasting

At the heart of Singuli is an advanced machine-learning model that produces forecasts down to the SKU (Style-Option-Size) level up to one year out.


New Product Introductions

Powerful models built with your existing data let us identify winners and losers and reduce uncertainty in your assortment and planning process.


Multi-dimensional data

Singuli isn't like regular demand planning systems. It takes a holistic view of your business by accounting for customer cohorts, site data and style segments as well as traditional signals like historical sales.


Automated Re-orders

One-click re-orders of core styles, accounting for size-curves, promotions, seasonality and more.


Easy Integration

Singuli integrates directly with Shopify or your data warehouse to receive sales, inventory and other datasets.


Omni-channel Ready

Today's retailers operate in the physical and digital domains and Singuli is ready from day one to help optimize by location group.