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Step Up Your Inventory Game

Improve margins. Avoid stockouts. Save time.

Singuli's platform allows you to seamlessly identify new winners, forecast next season, and make quick work of re-orders.

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See the Future

Advanced Forecasting

Modern machine-learning models are at the heart of Singuli. We forecast sales at the SKU (Style-Option-Size) level up-to one year out.

Multi-Dimensional Inputs

Singuli ingests masses of data across the business: from historical sales and promotions to site traffic and marketing spend to 1:1 customer behavior to generate holistic outputs.

Real-time Refresh

Forecasts update constantly to provide you with the latest estimates from the current conditions.

Omni-Channel & Bundles Ready

Forecast across locations and support for omni-channel, endless aisle and bundle/kit modalities.

New Product Launches

Quit Guessing

Let historical data, market trends, and product attributes inform new buys and product planning.

It's all in the Details

Our models account for uncertainty estimates and provide forecast ranges to help gauge the buy.

Style Cohorts

Learn from the patterns and trends of your existing customers as you plan your next buy. Harness their behavior at the “cohort” level to turn “best guess” into data-backed decision.


Our models account for uncertainty estimates and provide forecast ranges to help gauge the buy.

Replenish on Autopilot

Automated Orders

Make reodering a breeze. Recommend quantities account for a range of details including size curves and lead times.

Friendly Reminders

Avoid hunting through model outputs and let Singuli email you when items need to be re-ordered.


Adjust reorder windows and generate a replenishment for any length of time.

Maneuver Lead Times & Manufacturing Holidays

Singuli automatically adjusts lead times per SKU to account for supplier closings and holidays like Christmas or Chinese New Year.

A Planner's Best Friend

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We’ve spent a decade working with retail planners to understand their pain points. With Singuli, the data you need is only a click away.

Predict Size Curves

Get the right size curve to minimize stockouts.

Return Rates

Understand return rates and factor them into your forecasts.

Collaborative & Web-Based

Users see the same data and make changes centrally.

Quantify Opportunities

Estimate the cost of stockouts and the excess inventory. Reduce them with helpful recommendations.

Who is Singuli
We’re a multidisciplinary team of engineers, ph.d. researchers and data scientists with decades of retail experience.
Benjamin Kelly, Ph.D
CEO & Co-Founder
Thierry Bertin-Mahieux, Ph.D
CTO & Co-Founder